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Sunday, June 02 2019

Here is a post just for fun!!  See how many Hollywood families you can name that have acting brothers OR acting father and son(s).  I'll get you started and as they come in, when there is a new name not yet listed, I'll add it!

*Try not to use an internet search (think about what you've watched over the years)!  Think old Hollywood and new Hollywood!


Martin Sheen - Emelio Estevez - Charlie Sheen
Lloyd Bridges - Beau Bridges - Jeff Bridges
Henry Fonda - Peter Fonda
Donald Sutherland - Kiefer Sutherland
Kirk Douglas - Michael Douglas
Tom Hanks - Colin Hanks
John Carradine - Keith Carradine - David Carradine
Bing Russell - Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell - Wyatt Russell



Emelio Estevez - Charlie Sheen
Alec Baldwin - Daniel Baldwin - William Baldwin
Luke Wilson - Owen Wilson
Stacey Keach - James Keach
Ron Howard - Clint Howard
Matt Dillon - Kevin Dillon
Joaquin Phoenix - River Phoenix
Dennis Quaid - Randy Quaid
Keith Carradine - David Carradine
Mark Wahlberg - Donnie Wahlberg
James Arness - Peter Graves
Jim Belushi - John Belushi


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