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Sunday, June 30 2019

"Our bustling downtown is a thing of the past and as door after door closes forever on fabric stores, art stores, and book stores, I find myself turning to the online presence of some of those businesses for essential supplies.  Endlessly scrolling and filling up my cyber cart and click click clicking to get through all of the windows is a chore and hardly inspirational.  Frustrated, I was about to close my computer and surrender my life long artist reality when one simple heading caught my eye:  "Vintage Pattern Warehouse".  Desperate, I decide to try one more search and what a difference that last click makes!  This wonderful, colorful site and business is owned by Denise St. James and it is a delight and joy to navigate.  I chose three patterns very carefully (and conservatively considering how many I wanted to choose), placed my order, and waited excitedly.  When my package arrived everything was beautifully chosen, protected, and perfect.  I am beyond happy with the timely service, great prices, and personal kindness extended by the very much bonafied Denise.  She is the best of the business world all stitched up with passion, enthusiasm, and joy.  She delivers the goods and has helped me jump start my sewing career once again.  My photos show the tremendous care and personal touches that made my order so special.  Thank you Denise!"  Lise L., Santa Barbara, CA

Lise has worked in costuming for over 20 years as a designer for the Costume Departments of UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara CC, Opera Santa Barbara and the Music Academy!  Some of her work will be displayed in a new PAGE we are starting which features sewing creations made by you, my wonderful visitors!  If you have any fashions or crafts you have made from something you have purchased from my website and would like to 'show it off', please feel free to contact me with a photo or two and I will share it with others.  Don't be shy, others can and will be inspired by what you have sewn.  What better way to share your talents!

Warm Regards and Happy Sewing,


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Tuesday, June 04 2019
Register to Win a Free Gift Basket

Register to win a free 'gift basket' that includes samples of items we carry everyday at Vintage Pattern Warehouse!  Send me your first name and email address through the feedback link and on June 28, 2019, I will pick a random winner to receive the prize.  

No purchase necessary to register!

Gift Basket Includes:
Country Cross Stitch Designs in Hardback
Seatreasures Embroidery Kit
Basketry Step-by-Step Guide
Jewelry Connection - 101 jewelry projects
Log Cabin Quilts book
Vintage Star Book 16 Family Sweater Book
Vintage Coats & Clark #306 Ruffled Doilies
Vintage Fisherman's Knits by Beehive
Butterick Pattern 6869 Closet Accessories
1940's retro apron pattern
2 Crochet Hooks 2.5mm and 4.5mm
Scrapbook stickers and button card


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Tuesday, June 04 2019

I've made some changes to the way the patterns are listed in the categories.  They are now alphabetical as well as chronological!  If you are short on time and want to use the search feature or go right to the category, you can find the pattern you are looking for numerically by year or decade!!  The only exception may be as I'm adding new patterns, they will be on the last page until added into the mix chronologically.

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Sunday, June 02 2019

Here is a post just for fun!!  See how many Hollywood families you can name that have acting brothers OR acting father and son(s).  I'll get you started and as they come in, when there is a new name not yet listed, I'll add it!

*Try not to use an internet search (think about what you've watched over the years)!  Think old Hollywood and new Hollywood!


Martin Sheen - Emelio Estevez - Charlie Sheen
Lloyd Bridges - Beau Bridges - Jeff Bridges
Henry Fonda - Peter Fonda
Donald Sutherland - Kiefer Sutherland
Kirk Douglas - Michael Douglas
Tom Hanks - Colin Hanks
John Carradine - Keith Carradine - David Carradine
Bing Russell - Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell - Wyatt Russell



Emelio Estevez - Charlie Sheen
Alec Baldwin - Daniel Baldwin - William Baldwin
Luke Wilson - Owen Wilson
Stacey Keach - James Keach
Ron Howard - Clint Howard
Matt Dillon - Kevin Dillon
Joaquin Phoenix - River Phoenix
Dennis Quaid - Randy Quaid
Keith Carradine - David Carradine
Mark Wahlberg - Donnie Wahlberg
James Arness - Peter Graves
Jim Belushi - John Belushi


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