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Tuesday, January 12 2021

Proper Bras and Intimates For Authentic Vintage Clothing

Guest Blog Post by

Vintage pieces of clothes are present in any fashion lover's closet.  It has a specific niche market, with some enthusiasts specializing in the hunting and reselling of vintage items.  But the term "vintage" is relative to time.  If it's at least 30 years old, you're on the right track.  If you're a budding fan, an enthusiast, or simply on the lookout for some tips, this article is for you.

4 Vintage Intimates For Your Vintage Wardrobe

Nailing the vintage look starts with the intimates.  Whether it's getting the proper form or having the perfect feel, it all starts with intimate styling, and here are some vintage intimates to consider for your wardrobe.

Bullet Bra

If you've ever taken a good look at pinup photographs in the 1950's, you'll recognize the distinguishing perkiness of the breasts, shaped by the bullet bra.  Here's why you should consider this for your vintage wardrobe: 

  • Most vintage clothing is designed with the bullet bra in mind.  It gives your tops a vintage look, shaped by the whirlpool stitching of the bra.
  • They push out instead of push up, enhancing the feminine shape.
  • They are best for loose vintage tops, so they give your breasts a natural yet perky look.

NOTE:  The fit is vital in a bullet bra, which means it can be a challenge to look for the perfect fit.

Tap Pants

These lingerie shorts are the comfortable version of modern slips.  They're also called knickers or dance shorts since they were originally meant for tap dancing.  Here's why you should consider this for your wardrobe:

  • The clue is in the name.  These shorts were designed for tap dancers, which means they had to be comfortable while providing full coverage.
  • It is seamless, making them perfect for fitting and thin-fabric dresses.
  • Tap pants are designed to go up the natural waist, ridding the underwear lines of the vintage skirt. 

​​​​​​​For more intimate wear fashion and care tips, ask our friends at Lembrassa!  Visit

Bias Cut Vintage Slips

This design is the most abundant, and yet it never loses its stylish touch.  This type of intimate is worn more for style and comfort rather than functionality, but there are still reasons why you should consider this for your wardrobe:

  • Slips give your curves a smoother form and prevent friction that may cause the cloth to ride up.
  • Slips help absorb body oils, sweat, and other substances that may stain your clothes.
  • Slips protect potential wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Satin slips with lace give the impression of luxury and glamor that adds a mystique to the vintage vibe.

​​​​​​​Open Bottom Girdle

The aim of the girdle was to pull in the waist, hips, and thighs, enhancing a woman's figure.  It comes with straps for your stockings, giving you a cinched waist, pinup girl look.  Here's why you should consider it in your vintage wardrobe:

  • It gives you a slimming look the same way a waist trainer takes 4 inches off your waist.  
  • It is excellent postpartum support by pulling the hanging belly of a new mom.
  • It helps with posture by working on your lower back.


The best way to wear vintage is to feel vintage using the right intimates.  Vintage clothing was designed with the same era intimates in mind, so if you want to look your best vintage self, it should start from the inside.


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Thursday, January 07 2021


Blog Post by Denise St. James

If your closet or bureau drawer has a vintage bra or garter belt that you love and hasn't been worn in years because of a broken or stretched out strap, or a hose support that doesn't 'support' any more, you're not alone.  Many of us have favorite items that we just can't seem to discard, but when it's a vintage item that's not easily replaceable, we tend to hang on to those the longest.  

There are ways to repair all cotton bras and garters with vintage out-of-stock repair kits found on line.  These include replacement shoulder straps in 1/2" size or larger widths, cushion straps, original bra back extenders in two and three hooks, new 'sew-on' hose supporters and more.  Another great item is the nylon Shoulder Strap Guard which you pin to the shoulder seam of your dress near the neck (pin included), you then snap the ends around the shoulder straps of your bras to prevent slippage of your straps under a sleeveless dress.  No more tugging at the straps to stay in place.

These repair items and more can be found in the bra, garter and hosiery repair category brassiere_garter_repair

Once you have repaired these wonderful vintage intimates you want to either hand wash them or use a lingerie bag in the washer on gentle cycle.  This will ensure that your intimates will last for years to come.

Vintage Stockings and Nylons are a Must

If you're going for the authentic vintage feel of an outfit, why not invest in new old stock vintage stockings and nylons.  You can find sizes from small to queen from Christian Dior, Maidette, Shiaparelli, Big Mama, Underalls, JC Penney, Burdines, Footies, Hanes and more.

Vintage Sewing Patterns

Once you've refurbished your intimate bras and garter belts, you may want to add to your collection by sewing your own slips, petticoats, Hollywood inspired lingerie, bed jackets and more.  If you love the look of 1950's Sophia Loren inspired blouses, the 1960's Mad Men inspired wardrobes, or the 1970's Bohemian inspired Boho look, you have come to the right 'warehouse'.  Browse the 'aisles' and take a trip back in time.

The Fitting Room

Do you have a passion for sewing vintage clothing?  Vintage Pattern Warehouse would like to share your passion with their readers.  You can send up to five photos of your creations with a little information about your sewing, wardrobe choices, creativity and more and Vintage Pattern Warehouse will create a Profile Page for you to share your creations with others.  Use the Feedback or Contact Us page to request more information.


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